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Staying Away From the Gray Market Industry For Dental Products


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Staying Away From the Gray Market Industry For Dental Products

Staying Away From the Gray Market Industry For Dental Products

There is no doubt that the gray market for dental products has continually sneaked their way through ostensibly legitimate distribution channels. Dealers and manufacturers have made their best way to elude them, but they still find their way to sneak through. These dental products are commonly found for sale outside the US market, but then would be redirected by unauthorized dealers to be sold inside the United States at a much lower rate. So how would authentic dental products compete with the gray industry when they are so difficult to capture and stop from its distribution?
The problem with the gray market industry has been the same as it was before. Most legitimate distributors and manufacturers have seen the products from the gray industry to be the same as it was before and the situation is clearly not getting better. As the internet has evolved when it comes to selling to most dental consumers, the gray market industry is also using this medium to further garner sales. And to further make the situation worse, the gray market industry is not scared to flaunt their products as they were so discreet before. Now several predominant gray market distributors are even actively participating at dental meetings showing their low prices just in front of other legitimate manufacturers and distributors. Their evolution to hiding their products to just ignoring legitimate manufacturers is truly disturbing.
So is there any way that we can stop them from ever distributing illegally? Actually, it would still take a long while to solve this problem as there are also other legal distributors who get products from the gray market. The good side though is that manufacturers are imposing stricter rules toward their distributors and if they knew that they are purchasing from the gray market, they may end up losing their line. Although it would still require a lot of work from manufacturers and stringent policy should be taken into account, but so far most manufacturers are cautious about the effect it would bring their business.
Distributors for most dental products are inclined to be sometimes lured by the gray market industry especially if they are just in the process of starting out their business or if they are just an independent distributor who wishes to stay afloat. The distribution of gray products in the dental industry is more known in the dental industry than in the medical field simply because nobody wants to say to a dental consumer or practitioner that they do not have the specific product they need. It is always about giving what everybody wants. And this is also not good.
As most manufacturers know that the gray market does not give any lasting benefit thus it even creates a dangerous and losing situation for all channels. Manufacturers are competing against low-end dental equipment, distributors losing its way on selecting the wrong one, and dental practitioners using low quality dental product and equipment.
To solve the problem, manufactures, distributors and dental practitioners should help each other out by imposing rules and guidelines when it comes to this problem. It would still need all the help from all parties and their involvement to stop such scheme. Monitoring packages intended for shipment, distributors steering away from gray marketers, and dental practitioners relying on top and legitimate dental products should be the next step for everyone.

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